Update on South Bronx Street Cats: Rico in New Home, Dega Still Available!

IMG_7538Some weeks ago I posted about two cats my girlfriend and I rescued from the street here in the South Bronx and I thought I’d give a bit of a progress update… let’s begin with some shots of Rico (now RedRico) in his new home! He now lives with two adults and a DOG! He doesn’t seem to have much experience with dogs but he handled the whole thing very well and investigated him quite politely – RedRico is nothing if not a very confident young man.

RedRico seems quite pleased with himself and fit very well into his new home! MANY thanks to his new adopter for giving him a great one – I just know he’s going to do great there!




Still available is gorgeous, sleek, calm Dega. She’s a small, jet-black beauty just out of kittenhood at around one year old and is an ideal “only cat” for someone who wants a laid-back companion – not demanding or pushy, but quiet and sweet and oh-so-affectionate when it’s time to cuddle. Dega had a hard life on the streets of the South Bronx and is ready for the easy, quiet life, reclining on a windowsill and watching the world go by. She’d really like to try out your house (or apartment!) – how ’bout you email me and you can meet her? As always, I deliver to approved adopters within driving distance of New York City!

Dega’s captivating, soulful eyes will enchant you and her purrs will warm your heart when you skritch her under the chin and rub her belly (she loves that). Her regal poise will captivate you. This mini-panther will capture your heart!



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