Scott Stringer Under Fire; Spitzer Enters NYC Comptroller Race

I’ve written here repeatedly about Scott Stringer, who authored a document usually referred to just as the “Stringer Report” which has done more than anything I can think of to raise awareness among the political class in New York City about exactly how much trouble our shelters are in. The mayoral candidates are all expected to be familiar with it, City Council members have all taken notice.

Stringer is a guy I would like to see as mayor, because the mayor has ultimate power over animal control operation in NYC. A mayor created the current system; to change it without the active support of the mayor would be impossible, and a mayor committed to changing it could ram it through.

And so I was disappointed when Scott Stringer switched his focus to competing in the NYC Comptroller’s race, but it was a smart political move on his part, and he was widely expected to win the powerful position where he would be a formidable ally in the fight to reform NYC’s shelters.

As of today there is a new contender in the comptroller’s race: Former “Love Gov” Eliot Spitzer announced his entrance via an article in the New York Times. Even given his messy fall from grace I would expect him to poll well based on the strength of his name recognition alone, and he undoubtedly still has access to much of the powerful team of political advisors and fundraisers that helped him win the New York governorship. I expect him to be a serious contender. [UPDATE: Spitzer has announced that his campaign will be self-financed from his personal wealth.]

Headshot_Nov2011_verticalI wasn’t paying much attention to the comptroller race up until now because it looked like a cakewalk for Scott Stringer. That does no longer seem to be the case. Support him, vote for him, donate to the Stringer campaign if you can. He’s a guy we need to be in higher office in NYC right now.

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  • Cowlady

    I hope Spitzer realizes he has to leave his hooker(s) behind!