Today is a special day for Buddha, it’s been two months since I brought her home from the shelter for hospice care – she has leukemia.

When I first met her I thought, judging from her physical condition, that she would live less than two weeks. She’s done remarkably here, and although she is very sick she is still enjoying herself, her weight has stabilized, she has a great appetite, and she is very affectionate and curious. She’s an absolute sweetheart and I’m very glad I got to take her home.

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  • db

    She’s a beauty! I’m so glad that she will spend her final days in the company of someone who loves her and will give her the best of everything. You never know, she may be with you longer than you think!
    Bless you for not just talking about helping animals, but DOING IT!

  • mikken

    She looks great! Thank you for making sure she has the dignity she deserves.