NYCACC Computer Error: Buddy

My lord, Buddy was handsome. He appeared on the kill lists on the evening of July 13th and someone stepped up to save him, entering a hold for him in New York City Animal Care and Control’s online rescue system.

Unfortunately, as is now happening all too frequently, sweet senior Buddy was already dead, his inclusion on the nightly kill list the result of a now familiar computer error.

NYCACC Executive Director Julie Bank is trying to blame the failures of the new computer system on “user error” – but even if the system worked as claimed (which I believe I have adequately demonstrated that it does not), it would still be clunky and awkward to use. When I place an order on Amazon I have no doubt that my order has gone through: I am immediately emailed a receipt. I have an order number and tracking information. I don’t have to email my receipt back to Amazon’s sales team to make sure they’re aware of my order. I don’t have to wonder if my item will be killed prior to shipping. I don’t think it’s too much to ask that an online rescue system for an animal be at least as straightforward and reliable as the site I order my underwear from.

Was Buddy’s life as important as an Amazon order?

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  • I read a news article, reported in Europe, on this matter where Bank blamed “user error”. This is the same ol’ song and dance aka blaming the “irresponsible public” once again for their own failures and mass slaughter. Don’t kill shelter directors ever get tired of the same excuses that have been massive failures? Kill, Kill, Blame the public. Kill, Kill, Kill, blame the public. Good grief, when do they get a clue that this isn’t working?

  • Lizz

    Do you know more about this system? That’d be worth hearing about. I know boatloads of web developers and techie folks. I would share this with them if I knew more about the technical aspects of the situation. What software? Is it newly and poorly implemented? What does Bank mean about user error? Is it an easy error for users to make because that is more of a design problem.

  • db

    RIP Buddy, you were loved and wanted, like so many others. I’m sorry that you were killed before you could know that. HOW DO WE STOP THIS FROM HAPPENING AGAIN AND AGAIN?

    Hop on over to Yes Biscuit – there is a lot going on right now about Memphis Animal Services. Also killing, killing, killing. They even posted a photo on PetHarbor of a mama dog protecting her dead puppy. HEARTLESS ! ! ! If you’re so inclined, I think you all could help get the word out.

  • My heart hurts everyday because of stories like these. Only WE can make a difference. WE have to speak for them. EVERY one of us. Thank you John Sibley for bringing this to light. Now let’s see what WE ALL can do to change the perception that they are not “just animals”. These creatures feel, love, hurt, care, have compassion… they are NOT just animals… they are living souls that deserve a chance to live out their lives. Some times it’s too much to bear… but one precious life by one precious life we can make a difference. God speed Buddy! We see you and love you and will do better.

  • The same day Buddy was “Gone” I began the process of trying to save Jillian, an 8 yr old shepherd mix with an excellent temperament evaluation. I struggled & jumped through every hoop put in front of me which meant often being awake into the wee hours of the morning, communicating. Jillian, the dog, was mishandled at the shelter. When I started the process she was agile, running, even though overweight. Six days later she was supposedly in such bad shape the rescue was asked to release their hold so she could be “relieved of her pain”. There needs to be an investigation by the NYS Dept of Ags & Markets into this poor excuse for a shelter.

    • . I agree with Theresa.. Investigate!! Then punish!!
      The ruthless, and unnecessary killing of the innocent certainly shows what a perverse and degenerate time we live in.

  • The fact is.. all this suffering and killing is caused by HUMAN
    IGNORAMUS FACTOR. They are in such a rush to kill, kill and kill, that several
    factors are completely ignored.

    deserve being harmed and killed.

    2. Hundreds of people work lovingly all night, losing their needed sleep,
    posting the information, praying, making phone calls, pleading with people to
    help, trying to save these poor innocent creatures who are on the Death Row
    list through no fault of their own.

    3. The shelter’s determination to kill as many as they possibly can is clear by
    the way things are done. And they make it as difficult as possible to wind your
    way through the maze of requirements in order to save them.

    4. Too many times, after all the work and dedication people willingly go
    through to save them, then to find out it was all in vain, and the innocent pet
    had already been killed. Such a DISGRACEFUL thing!!! The world hears of these
    happenings and considers Americans as idiots and fools.

    These “errors” are far worse than a series of blunders. What’s happening is, by
    design, sadistic, horrific and the worst form of evil cruelty. It MUST STOP!!!
    The Killing of Innocent Living Beings HAS TO STOP!!!