The Quick Kill Bill is Finally Dead

Well, it’s been a mixed news week here for the animals of New York. On the bad side, CAARA was voted down in the Agriculture Committee, which was the last opportunity to move it forward this year. Quite a bit of the defeat is the doing of the ASPCA who employ paid lobbyists in Albany to lobby against the bill. We’ll be re-grouping, re-planning, and working hard to get it through next year. You can count on it. It got “yes” votes from Assembly members Rosenthal, Moya, Maisel, and Simanowitz. Please thank them. These are Assembly members who stood up to defend the shelter animals of New York State.

In the good news column, a bloodied Amy Paulin pulled her bill from consideration today and her ASPCA backed-and-written bill that sought to block rescue group access to shelter animals is also dead. She has reportedly said that she will meet with members of the rescue community before crafting a new bill, but I hope decides not to re-visit this issue legislatively should she be re-elected. She’s shown pretty clearly that she does not understand issues facing animal shelters and rescues in New York, never mind how to fix them. Most disturbing is that she didn’t appear to read her own bill or understand the implications of it prior to introducing what the ASPCA told her was a good thing. Who needs a legislator like that?

My sincere thanks to everyone who participated in lobbying these bills. I dearly hope that next year New York can get the rescue access legislation we need and that the animals deserve.

One person who deserves special thanks is Assemblyman Micah Kellner, who has tirelessly advocated for CAARA and for the animals of New York State. I’m not typically impressed with politicians but this is one impressive guy: he is dedicated, he is honest, he is genuine and he does what he says he’ll do. Please join me in supporting Asm. Kellner and in thanking him for his efforts on behalf of the animals of New York State. He is the kind of guy I want representing the people of NY in the legislature.

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  • Dave

    What, specifically, did the ASPCA object to in the CAARA bill? Did they ever state these objections publicly? I can’t find anything.

    • John Sibley

      CAARA has its origins in a piece of proposed legislation called Oreo’s Law, which was inspired by a dog that the ASPCA “saved” from horrific abuse, used for fundraising, and then killed despite having qualified sanctuaries offering to save her life. The A has objected to Oreo’s Law and all related legislation since mostly because they find the origins extremely embarrassing.

  • Karen F
    • John Sibley

      Thanks for pointing that one out – left some comments!

    • db

      Some of the comments were pretty scary – or they were ASPCA apologists. People actually believe the “shelters” in NYC are doing a good job taking care of their animals? They actually believe that rescues = hoarders? I’m sorry that the carnage will continue in NYC (and altogether too many other places) and I’m really sorry that politicians and other individuals are gaining power/money/influence/??? at the expense of the animals we should be taking care of.

      • Jerilyn Capaccione

        So what can be done about all these animals dying in shelters in NYC? Most of those dogs that die from NYC shelters seem to be pitbulls/mixes! I just think we need to get legislation started in every state to get rid of BSL!!!

        • John Sibley

          BSL is prohibited under NYS law.

  • I was kind of hoping that Ms. Paulin was trapped in her office by a tidal wave of pens……