Just One Day, New York City

Monday June 11, 2012 is Just One Day, a national day of No Kill for animal shelters. On that day shelters across the country are asked to lay down their euthanasia needles for just one day and to put their animals on the net, to post them on Facebook and Twitter, to host discounted animal adoption events, to reach out to local rescue groups, to extend their hours, to not kill a single adoptable animal for Just One Day.

There is a second component, for rescues and shelters that are already No Kill: a pledge to help their local shelters in any way possible to meet their goal on that day, or longer if they choose.

To date, nearly 600 organizations nationwide have taken the pledge. Although the New York City shelters claim through the Mayor’s Alliance to be on track to No Kill, neither they nor the Alliance have taken the pledge yet. There is still time.

It can be done, and we can show New York City that it can be done. Please encourage your local New York City New Hope rescue to take the pledge and help our shelters be No Kill on June 11 through offering all the support they can, including cleaning out the kill lists of New York City on that day. We can be a No Kill city, and we can start with Just One Day.

You can follow the progress of Just One Day on their Facebook page and there will be a live radio broadcast that will be simulcast on the Web that day as they check in with shelters and rescues across the country. For my part, I hope to be driving transport that day and will help in any other capacity I can.

It wouldn’t hurt to email the Executive Director of New York City Animal Care and Control and ask her to sign on to Just One Day. Be polite. There’s still plenty of time to join up and join the community of New Yorkers who want to see New York a No Kill city and are willing to help make it happen, starting with just one day.

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  • Thank you so much for this info, I wasn’t aware of the No Kill day and I will do all I can do to spread the word! Also that story about the 14 year old dog in the lobby without care broke my heart 🙁