Time to Cut ’em Off

Every day I meet people who don’t know this, even people who love animals! Won’t you share this information and help to educate the world?

The Humane Society of the United States does not run any shelters for companion animals (although they would like you to think they do).
2010 Annual Income: $148M

The ASPCA runs a single animal shelter in New York City (although they would like you to think they run many more). In 2010 they adopted out 3389 animals there.
2010 Annual Income: $133M

PETA runs a single facility in VA that they call an animal shelter but has no living areas or holding wards. It’s an office building with a walk-in freezer. In 2010 they killed 93.8% of animals they took in – 2200 animals.
2010 Annual Income: $35M

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