Quick Kill Bill: The ASPCA Fights for More Shelter Killing in NY

[Editor’s note, Nov 19 2016: This article has recently started to be shared again on Twitter. It is four years old and the information is out of date. The situation was resolved, the Quick Kill Bill is dead. This article remains for archival purposes only.]

Though the ASPCA gives the occasional glimmer of hope, recent events remind me that they remain mired in a killing mentality and seek to preserve the status quo in sheltering, even fighting to expand the power of shelters to kill at will.

Recently the ASPCA suckered convinced NYS Assemblywoman Amy Paulin to introduce their pseudo-shelter reform legislation. Embarrassed by the outcry in favor of Oreo’s Law (now CAARA), they immediately scrambled to write their own shelter reform law – one that they could claim made a difference for the better in the lives of NY animals while actually quietly blocking actual reform and expanding NY shelters’ power to kill.

The ASPCA co-opts meaningful shelter reform legislation largely by copying it but then including weasel words like substituting “may” for “shall”. So instead of requiring shelters to work with outside rescue groups, it simply says that they can if they choose to. Other meaningful reforms, like requiring shelters to scan for microchips, post found animals online, and make an effort to match lost and found animals are scuttled by including an exception if the shelter does not find it “practicable” to do so. Well, given the choice, they won’t find it practicable, which is why we need legislation that mandates it.

Most destructively and unbelievably, the ASPCA written legislation contains a clause that would, for all practical purposes, eliminate the legally mandated holding period for stray animals by allowing shelters to kill any animal who they found to be in “psychological pain”. This is nothing less than a declaration of war on feral cats, scared dogs, or any animal that found themselves scared and confused upon being brought into the chaotic shelter environment – or any animal they simply wanted to find a flimsy excuse to kill. Animals judged by laypeople with no training whatsoever to be in “psychological pain” could be killed instantly on admission to the shelter and bypass the legally required holding period to give their owners the chance to find them.

New Yorkers, we need your help – quickly. This bill, known as New York Assembly Bill A05449A, will face its first committee vote on Wednesday, February 15th. We haven’t much time. The first thing we need to do is to tell our elected officials that we will not tolerate an ASPCA encouraged increase in shelter killing in New York State.

Please visit New York State Assemblywoman Amy Paulin’s Facebook page and leave her a polite, personal comment asking her to withdraw her bill, A05449A, from consideration. Asw. Paulin is up for re-election in November and wants to be a champion of animals in New York State, and she probably would not want to risk her re-election on being dubbed Amy “Quick Kill” Paulin. You might also consider sending her a message on Twitter, although she appears to use that less. Also drop an email to ASPCA President and CEO Ed Sayres and ASPCA Board President Mary Jo White and let them know what you think of their organization’s legislation. Then visit the following four links to email key legislators to send them your thoughts:

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4

Keep in mind that although you can use the text that’s been written for you, a heartfelt personal note always goes a long way.

Finally, support REAL change in the form of CAARA, which mandates REAL reform instead of making it optional. CAARA is trying to get the support of NYS Senator Patty Richie, Chair of the Senate Agricultural Committee, and her support would really help move the bill forward. Email her here and ask her to support this lifesaving effort – and you can read more about CAARA here and read the complete text of the bill here. New York’s animals deserve better than the deadly slight of hand of the ASPCA Quick Kill. They deserve the lifesaving provisions of CAARA.

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  • Shannon

    Why would the ASPCA do this? What are they gaining from it? This is bad bad bad.

  • Dana

    Have mercy for these poor souls with paws!

  • Jennifer

    Has Amy Paulin actually read the entire bill? I doubt it as many in Congress have been known to introduce bills and not actually know what is in them!

    • jbsibley

      It wouldn’t shock me if she just introduced it without reading it because hey – it’s the ASPCA after all.

  • Cathy

    I’m not to to keep donating money to the ASPCA, if they’re going to use it to kill our aninals!!! This don’t make any sence at all πŸ™

    • me either, I don’t like to be lied to

    • Debi

      I don’t think the ASPCA will change their practices, but I think that some of the smaller dog pounds may use this to what they think is their advantage. Many of them already don’t like to work with rescues which is crazy. Don’t take money from the animals for their care because of what this bill “may” imply. The ASPCA does wonderful things with rescuing animals. Don’t deprive them of that please.

      • anna

        The ASPCA is notorious for taking animals that they dont want, deem unadoptable or those that they dont want to take the time to rehabilitate and dumping them off at kill shelters. A bunch of cats were rescued from a fire in NYC last year and taken to the ASPCA, shortly there after they began showing up on the nightly euthanasia lists and lo and behold it said right on there that they were ASPCA relinquishments. The more involved in animal rights that I become the more I find out about the ASPCA and PETA. I no longer support either one.

      • Tara

        Debi, the ASPCA doesn’t rescue animals. Local SPCAs do that, and they are generally NOT funded by the national headquarters.

        You’re buying into the lie that they have been selling you.

        Here in NYC, just a few blocks from the ASPCA headquarters, REAL rescuers are the ones shouldering the burden of the only animals saved from the NYC shelter system. The ASPCA sends more animals TO the NYCACC to be killed (in their regularly scheduled kill shuttles) than they save FROM the shelter.

        Withholding money from the ASPCA and sending it to the smaller rescues that actually do the saving would do a LOT more to help the animals. At this point, “The A” is just a big business who has been actively undermining the efforts of smaller rescues to save more lives here in NYC for years now. They actually set us back several years by helping to fast track yet another bill last fall that codified the horrifyingly broken system we have here in NY.

        But I guess if NYC actually does go No Kill at some point, “The A” won’t have anyone to kill their undesireables for them anymore. That sure would leave them in a pickle, since they save a lot of cash by having the untrained and unlicensed minimum wage NYCACC employees kill their unadopted animals for them. I’m sure it hurts to die at the hands of an inexperienced, unlicensed, untrained person using cheap materials….but hey, it only lasts a few minutes, right?

    • Jackie Riley

      I was disappointed and found out a few years back that the ASPCA is not good. They are cruel. Saddened by this…..but true.

  • Bridget Ray

    The needless killing of healthy animals needs to stop!

  • Without all the red tape, please don’t pass this bill. Please try to be kind and consider these animals lives. We are all they have. As you can see, we don’t want this bill passed. We care about the animals in these shelters. They deserve a chance to be adopted, not killed immediately. Please do the right thing.

  • All of God’s creatures have immeasurable value……..what a DESPICABLE, UNETHICAL thing to do to the defenseless animals that NEED OUR HELP! Wake up people, did we go to bed in America one night and wake up in Communist China??? If you do not stick up for the defenseless of this world than you are not worthy of their love to begin with……what a SAD state of affairs.

  • “The Greatness Of A Nation & Its Moral Progress Can Be Judged By The Way Its Animals Are Treated”GANDHI

  • Andrew Kent

    Stop the Euthanasia Holocaust! Here’s a case in point…..

    A Brooklyn, NY woman who has been rescuing stray cats for much of her life is in NYC Housing Court and facing eviction along with her 43 rescued cats. If she is evicted, her cats will be taken to the City’s Animal Care & Control facility, where many otherwise adoptable cats may be needlessly euthanized. The Court is also bringing in Adult Protective Services to assess the situation, as it often does in alleged “animal hoarding” cases, and APS could request that AC&C take the cats even before they can be placed in no-kill shelters or adoptive homes.

    She is hoping to keep several of the cats that are too old or feral to be adoptable, and a few that are her personal pets, but the landlord is insisting that, because of her lease’s “no pet” clause, and despite her claim that he knew of at least some of her cats for more than a year, she can’t have any. A lawyer appointed by the court to oversee her compliance says that, under New York’s Pet Law, and even with the Federal entitlement to a companion animal for a person with a disability, she may, if she’s lucky, be allowed to keep only one cat.

    Many of these cats are young, some still kittens, and very adoptable. Some have been spayed or neutered, and a few have had shots, but there are others that still need these procedures. Some are older, some feral or skittish, and a few have health problems or disabilities, and these would most certainly be euthanized if sent to AC&C.

    Most will need to be medically evaluated before they can be placed, and this is beyond her capability due to her low income, lack of personal transportation, and the pressures of time. She has just a few more days to place the cats before her next court appearance on February 16, although APS or another unwelcome
    intervention could come at any time, and, if she still has “too many” cats, they could take even the ones she wants to keep before that issue can be argued in court. In short, time is of the essence.

    If each animal rescuer, shelter, foster home, or other sanctuary reading this post can take just one or two cats, these defenseless animals can be saved from what is now an uncertain, and probably dire, fate. If you can’t accept even one cat, perhaps you can help with medical services, transportation, legal advocacy or advice, or simply by forwarding this plea to someone who may be able to help. She isn’t asking for money, as she has enough to pay her rent and feed her cats, but she does need to place the cats immediately or, at least, find the supports and services that will make immediate placement possible.

    If you need more information or wish to discuss this crisis further, please reply to this post, email me at ASKent@msn.com, or call me at one of the numbers below.. I know relatively little about the animal rescue community, so any information, advice, contact information, or links will be greatly appreciated. Even if the cats do end up at AC&C, I hope that this early warning will enable those of you who do rescue from AC&C to save as many of them as possible.

    Thank you so much for considering this request. I look forward to hearing from you.


    Andrew Kent
    (347) 374-3903 – home
    (718) 791-3628 – cell
    (Both numbers have voicemail)

  • Sheila Mahon

    FINALLY – people are seeing what the A is REALLY about. They do NOT care about animals – just FUNDRAISING. spread the word – NO ONE should donate to this DISGUSTING entity. EXPOSE THEM!

    • Connie Herndon

      Please call and write to the ASPCA Public Inquiries (888) 666-2279 and Media Inquiries (212) 876-7700. Email the names listed in the article and press@aspca.org. Humane Legislation and Lobbying: lobby@aspca.org.
      “This bill, known as New York Assembly Bill A05449A, will face its first committee vote on Wednesday, February 15th. ” Remember if this bill passes in NY it can pass in YOUR state!

  • Laurie A. Becker

    All animals are living, beathing, sentient beings, that unfortnately, are subjectd to whatever treatment, abuse, decisions we decide to inflict upon them. It’s WRONG, and for those of us that have empathy for other living creatures, it’s a crime and has to stop. They have no voice, so we MUST BE their voice.

  • Mari Cruz

    This is so cruel…how can we do this to these creatures who have a special place in our life and are there to make it better.

  • Gerie Madak

    Thank you for a clear and concise explanation of what’s going on, and for suggestions about things that those of us who are non-residents can still do. As a New Jerseyan with a pittie from the Brooklyn facility – and pets from around the country – I think this issue transcends local/city/state boundaries.
    New York, please ACT like the greatest city and set a compassionate example for the rest of us. You can lead the way toward humane treatment of homeless animals.

  • Connie Herndon

    IMPORTANT!!!! PLEASE DO THIS TODAY! POST THIS ON YOUR FACEBOOK WALL GET PEOPLE INVOLVED!! Pet lovers please read this Quick Kill Bill then go to Assemblywoman Amy Paulin’s Facebook page the link is in the article. Tell her to withdraw the Quick Kill Bill A054494. If a shelter is given the right to kill an animal without scanning for a microchip or feel that the animal is in “psychological pain” then why bother with “saving” lost animals? PLEASE read the bill and tell Amy Paulin the reasons why you believe this bill should be withdrawn. It doesn’t matter where you live if the ASPCA wants to do this in NY then they will do it YOUR state! SHARE with your friends ~Thank you~ Connie Burns Brunette Herndon

  • Crescent

    I always thought that these shelters were supposed to be there to HELP the animals. This is CRAZY most animals are gonna be scared/shy/fearful when first brought into a place like that, unless they have been there many times. To be givin the OK to kill these precious creatures instantly or shortly there after isn’t right. Any animal can be turned around with it’s behavior with givin the right time/handling. In my opinion these people need to open their minds and try to understand what these animals are going through, why they are the way that they are.
    I’m not going to donate any more to them if they agree to let this bill pass. No animal should have to go through this, just because of things that are these people seem to feel that they can try and get by other people just by changing a few words around to make it seem like it isn’t what it really is.

    • Connie Herndon

      Call the ASPCA Public Inquiries (888) 666-2279 and Media Inquiries (212) 876-7700. Email the names listed in the article and press@aspca.org. Humane Legislation and Lobbying: lobby@aspca.org.
      Go to the ASPCA website click on contact us on the top right, gray area, tool bar. Have this article open so that you can give them the correct information. “This bill, known as New York Assembly Bill A05449A, will face its first committee vote on Wednesday, February 15th. The first thing we need to do is to tell our elected officials that we will not tolerate an ASPCA encouraged increase in shelter killing in New York State.” Remember if this bill passes in NY it can pass in YOUR state!

  • Connie Herndon

    Go to the ASPCA website click on contact send them an email and make a phone call before this Quick Bill Passes! Humane Legislation and Lobbying: lobby@aspca.org
    Media Inquiries (212)876-7700 ext 4655, press@aspca.org, shelter related (helping your local shelter etc) outreach@aspca.org General Phone Number (212) 876-7700 DO IT DON’T SIT AND WRITE COMPLAINTS DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT TODAY!

  • Connie Herndon

    I called The ASPCA public inquiries phone number (888) 666-2279. The young man who took my call was very pleasant and wasn’t aware of this bill. He did pass on my concerns. So, I’m hoping that the ASPCA will stop and realize that if this bill goes into effect they will lose much needed donations. I’m just shocked that an organization which was established for the safety of animals would even recommend such a bill. I just hope and pray they do what is right for the animals and not their wallets.

    • Tara

      Connie, that is lovely that you think they will stop.

      But they have been running roughshod over the local NYC rescue community for years now. They bullied a bill through here in NYC just last fall that undermined efforts to reduce the killing in our shelter.

  • Loretta Ann


  • Rhonda McLeod

    Whatever happened to the concept of the ASPCA prevent cruelty to animals?
    Now they want to murder them I have lost all respect for them. They are nothing but
    cruel and heartless murderers in my book. May got help their souls.

  • G Turner

    What scares me the most, even though I do not live in NY, is the fact of the not checking for microchips?! If my dogs were to actually get out and “get lost” (Heaven forbid) they wouldn’t check them!?

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  • joanne
    • Tara

      WHile I am not a fan of their positions on companion animals (not by a LONGSHOT), I also will not give more power to the paid lobbyist Richard Berman by supporting ANY of those web sites. He is as evil as they come, and misusing information to do even further damage to animals across the nation, as long as it suits his employers.

  • I love my kids more then anything in the world, and yes they are dogs and a bunny. I made a decision not to have children, instead i have these wonderful and amazing creatures. I worry every day about them getting out, getting lost, getting hurt, and now with a bill like this i would have to worry about someone finding them and doing what they think is right. BULL SHIT … why can’t we move to no kill, what is wrong with these people. Maybe these supposed people in charge have been at it too long and have hardened there hearts, they forgot how to love. WAKE UP, take a sip of coffee and look down at that amazing creature that is there to simply LOVE you .. and if you dont care, then quit, resign and let those of us that GIVE A SHIT help out, if you forgot how to care then step aside because millions of us would be lost without our kids, 90% of mine are rescues .. if someone thought the way these people did I wouldnt have these amazing creatures. Please RETHINK your stance. come spend a week in my house and see what TRUE LOVE can be. I bought a house cause i had a dog that needed a yard, we inherited a pup when her dad passed, we took in a 12 year old when her parents didnt want her … Its LOVE and you need to REMEMBER what that is .. UNSTONE your heart ..

  • Kristin

    This is HORRIBLE!!! I don’t even completely agree with euthanization any way, but I understand that they can’t afford to keep feeding and caring for that many strays for months at a time. HOWEVER, how would they feel if their childs pet accidently got out from it’s kennel or dug out of it’s fense! I think if the animal HAS TAGS and or a chip they should be forced to make EVERY ATTEMPT to contact the owners. The law would insist you do this with a lost child, a life is a life to me. Animals get hungry, cold, sick and and feel pain no differently than we do. Dog or not, it’s a life people the ASPCA is about to piss me off royally, and to think I was just about to give into their bullsh!t commercials and donate money to their KILLING ORGANIZATION! Well NOT THIS ANIMAL LOVE! SCREW YOU ASPCA!!!!! HOW DARE YOU call yourself animal “advocates” when you are the most CRUEL OF ALL! JERK OFFS!

  • adina dimitriu


  • Stop the Kill Bill ! I can not imagine How Horrible your pet gets out accidentally and is then Murdered.
    Kids , Careless adults , Over excited animals Lost in a Moment Can lead into a Disaster !
    There are enough other things to worry about , Keep animals SAFE

  • mocca

    Stop the murdering of innocent animals what’s wrong wit you people why have you become so evil to murder God’s creatures you will have to answer to homie bet

  • Debbie Ramon

    I have 2 dogs and a cat and I am looking to adopt a Yorkie. If everyone continues to adopt . Perhaps we will be able to stop this senseless killing…

    How can anyone kill a helpless animal

  • heather

    So I just wanted to know where in the Bill it says all this stuff?? I read over it and I must just be missing it, the bill is in typical hard to understand language but I know one of the complaints I have read about is that they do not have to check for microchips, in the first section of the bill it states that they upon catching a dog have to check for all forms of identification. Is there some language I am missing there?? I am all about the cause but I like to fully understand what it is I am supporting so any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

    • John
      • heather

        thanks. so it is definitely kind of sneaky how they put that in there.

        • jbsibley

          To be a little more detailed… well, there’s a lot of weaseling in here. In the specific example you sited, it says that they must check for a microchip “as soon as is practicable”. In other words, if they don’t find it to be practicable, they don’t have to. That’s not a law; it’s a suggestion, and they’ve a built a loophole in to allow it to be ignored.

  • Rhonda Bradley

    NO!! too many die now that shouldnt this is cruel inhumane and murderous! this bill must NOT pass! so many pets get out and are picked up by the spca you very easily could be killing someones beloved pet..all life is sacred there must be more spay and neutering.. fine pet owners whose pets arent altered..dont kill the poor animals!

  • Terri Engblom

    Shame on you and don’t expect to be voted in again by others . And I didn’t vote for you and glad I didn”t !

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  • Oksana

    Every year I did donation to ASPCA .I have 2 rescued dogs.Now I realize ,that ANY RESCUE WILL SPENT MY MONEY MUCH BETTER WAY,THAN ASPCA. NO MORE DONATION FROM ME TO ASPCA!!!!!

  • do not kill these paws. give em time to get furever homes. how would feel if you were not wanted and you had to be killed? hate killing places period.

  • Suzan Speropoulos

    I will no support the ASPCA as I do not support the killing of animals. Please help defeat the New York State Assembly Bill A05449A instead of encouraging it. How could you, shame. I urge others to stop all donations as well, if you don’t you are buying the needles and drugs that will be killing defenseless animals that are not given a fair chance.

  • Wayne Baird

    I’ve been looking this evening, unsuccessfully, for news reports about how the bill in the assembly did today. Is there a determination yet? Have we reached enough ears? Does anybody have a status? Thank you.

  • Rachelle

    i donate monthly to the aspca so when i read this i was upset. i immediately contacted the aspca to let them know that this information is circulating and asking them to explain. from what i understand new procedures to help reunite lost pets with their owners will be established and shelters will will be required to have a rescue contact list and contact these rescues before euthanization (these must be rescues NOT hoarders or other establishments that claim to be rescues). there was a lot of other positive information about this bill. i am going to write back and dig a little deeper into the negative things i have been hearing. the aspca may just tell people what they want to hear, but remember that others, without fully understanding, may have posted some inaccurate information. before taking action, or taking a side, it is important to do your own research and get the truth! i love animals and want to do the best for them! <3

    • Rachelle

      i have written to them again, asking to further explain the microchip process and the euthanization of an animal with psychological pain. my dog had severe issues when i first adopted her and it breaks my heart to think that others like her could just be killed because they are traumatized. she has gotten so much better with love and attention. all animals deserve a chance! <3

    • jbsibley

      They are, frankly, lying. Read the analysis of the most destructive section of the bill:


      I’ve read the whole thing. It’s bad. It would cause shelter killing in NY to skyrocket. It’s opposed by Best Friends, Alley Cat Allies, and Michael Mountain, among others.

      You should reconsider your monthly donation to the ASPCA and commit it to a small shelter or rescue doing good work, not a monolith that lies to make money and pays their CEO 500k. They’re not who you think they are.


      The “new procedures” that they’re crowing about are utterly toothless. They SUGGEST a new procedure and then provide an exemption – the shelter doesn’t have to do it if they don’t find it “practicable”, or it’s something that they “may” do instead of “shall” do. It’s window dressing, not enforceable, and slows the pace of actual reform.

      This bill literally sets back animal welfare in NYS 40 years.

  • jbsibley

    The microchip scan is a perfect example – the bill says that animals must be scanned on intake “as soon as is practicable”. Toothless window dressing – all a shelter has to do is say they didn’t find it practicable, and they’re off the hook – even if they’ve killed the animal.

  • jbsibley
  • When I lived in NY state I did some volunteer work at an ASPCA … I didn’t last long, couldn’t deal w/their ‘way’ of doing things. I once passed a door and two of the ‘elected’ members were coming out of it and behind them I could hear a cat meowing in deep distress; a ‘death cry’ is the only way I can describe it. I asked them if they were euthanizing and they nodded a quick ‘yeah’ and off down the hall they went … they were actually hanging off of one another and GIGGLING like a couple of school girls!! It was HORRENDOUS!!! There was MUCH MORE than just that one incident but, like I said, I wasn’t involved w/them for very long. I tried to tell anyone who’d listen but the tables turned on ME somehow!! In any case, it was THE worst ‘shelter’ I’ve ever dealt with and I’ve done it all my life.

  • Jerilyn Piccirelli

    The reason they do this is to preserve the status quo. They like things just the way they are. After all if they actually saved dogs and cats with their 100+ million a year in donations we probably would not have a problem. Then they would not have their cushy jobs.

  • Nancy

    This is down right wrong. How crule. The ASPCE should be ashamed and our elected officials shoul remember who they are suppose to be working for (many animal lovers). How would they feel if this happened to their pets.

  • Nancy Randall

    How sad. The ASPCA should be ashamed. Our elected officials should remember who they are suppose to be working for. How would they feel if it happened to their pet. They are doing a disservice to all who love all animals.

  • Patty

    I have 3 dogs, one currently needs 5000+ surgery, cant afford that, so I will love n spoil her as long as I can, SPCA fees are way to high. I own my own home and would adopt more if the fee wasn’t so high. Lots of people would adopt and love their new home if fees weren’t so high.

    • jbsibley

      That probably doesn’t have much to do with the ASPCA; where do you live?

  • Dad and I read dis bill. Den Dad help me make some comments on it.
    I was a street cat and did time in da Big House (shelter). My shelter nice and my MomNDad nice too but some cats still on da street. So:

    Here are some edits to A05449 that I think would make it not only a good effort but very useful and helpful. Not perfect perhaps but far better than some other bills and laws on the books!

    (A) “As soon as practicable” change to “promptly and in no case later than the day the animal is found”
    (2 places in text)

    (B) “nine days from the date of mailing” to “nine days from the date certified to have been received with signature”
    (2 places in text)

    s 374. “humane destruction” change to “humane death” this is a life not a stuffed toy. Be real about it.

    s 4. s 374.
    “if upon examination a licensed veterinarian” change to “if upon examination two licensed veterinarians”

    “shall certify in writing, or
    if two reputable citizens called upon by such agent, officer to view the same in his or her presence find:”
    change to
    “shall certify in writing that:”
    (“reputable citizen” means nothing regarding protection of an animal’s life. Many regard animals as property and no more than that)

    A. delete “or psychological”. It is just a License To Kill. Delete it.

    5. “euthanasia of an animal by gunshot”, the words are nonsensical enough to be insulting. Change to “death of the animal by gunshot in justified self-defense”

    6. “for any purpose except” should include “spay-neuter-release” programs.

    All places: change “destruction” to “Death”. Be real. The former implies the animal is a piece of trash like an old lawn chair or light bulb and not a life. It is insulting.

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  • Gregory Romeu

    [ADMIN NOTE: This comment deleted for trolling.]

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  • Rowan O’Connnor

    Does anyone know if this was passed? Has it come to a vote yet? This is appalling, I used to want to volunteer for the ASPCA, not anymore! I have three cats currently if this bill was in action they’d probably all be dead cause my 2 kittens were feral born and infested with parasites, now they’re healthy and happy because they came from a small cat rescue. I’m just a teenager so my voice probably doesn’t count for much but please, fr the animals DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN!

    • jbsibley

      We’re currently trying to stop the bill from coming to a vote. It’s still alive but things are looking good to stop it. See recent blog entries for some ways you can help.

    • DizziNY

      Your voice counts just as much as anyone else’s.

  • the process by which an animal is deemed ready for euthanasia is unfavorable for the animals.

    kennel cough is in fact considered a medical reason to euthanize, as stated here, when it is comparable to the human cold.

    to make euthanasia an easier decision for shelters & staff, to be able to avoid stray holds or working with outside rescues, we would be simply giving greater license to an already imbanalanced unjust system.

    please help, WE are their ONLY voice.

  • DizziNY

    Excuse me but that CAARA bill says nothing about protecting cats taken into the shelter. At least I don’t see anything.

    • John

      CAARA is literally all about protecting animals – what specifically don’t you see?

  • Kate

    Thank you for writing this! I live in NY, but for some reason, I didn’t hear about this until yesterday. We have a very, very shy dog who escaped once and was missing for 3 days, so I’m very alarmed by the stray hold elimination. It’s awful to think that my baby could be killed if he gets lost again. I’ll definitely be emailing the people you’ve suggested. And I only skimmed the CAARA page (I’ll read it more thoroughly later), but it sounds great. Very impressive.

    I’m a little surprised by some of the comments though. Even without this bill, animals are still going to die in NY shelters. And if you want NY to become “no kill” – look at the pets that are being euthanized, and ask yourself: who will adopt them? I’m not just talking about cute puppies and kittens, or purebreds. I’m talking about the ones that no one wants. Will YOU adopt an adult cat? What about a pit bull? If not you, then who? This is NY. People are practically banging down the doors to adopt the “cute” ones. But adult, mixed breed (and bully breed) pets need homes too, and I don’t see people lining up to adopt them.

    And, just to be clear, shelters don’t generally want to kill their animals. For one thing, it makes them look bad. For another, I’ll quote a “best of craigslist” post (look up “rant: animal control,” warning for language! I edited out anything inappropriate here):
    “You know what’s fun? Being told that I must “really hate dogs” because I’m an Animal Control Officer. Yessir. I put up with [idiots] like you, the abysmally low pay, and this fabulously flattering uniform just so I can take all my bitterness out on your dog. That’s also why I foster animals, paying for their care out of my own pocket and using up my precious little free time to do it. Yeah, that’s it.”
    i.e. most shelter workers are in it for the animals (and in some areas, the ACO is the only “shelter worker,” because the town doesn’t have an actual shelter). Bottom line – The ASPCA is not a shelter. ASPCA = AMERICAN society for the prevention of cruelty to animals. Don’t assume the ASPCA represents the beliefs or policies of your local shelter.

    • jbsibley

      There really aren’t a whole lot of animals that “no one wants” dying here in NYC; they just happen to be fantastically bad at adopting them out. They only adopt about 6,000 animals out to the public per year in a city of 8.5 million. That’s pathetic. No offsite adoptions. Inexcusable. Shelters tucked into little-trafficked (and dangerous) corners of the city, disease allowed to run rampant. Waits of HOURS to adopt animals while you’re ignored and treated rudely and with disdain. Yes, they do want to kill them, and many people involved are too lazy and entrenched to do better. No Kill begins as an act of will.

      I pull the sick, the old, pits, adult cats. They go into homes, they get adopted.

      The ASPCA represents themselves only, but they fundraise by deceiving the public into thinking that they run a nationwide shelter system.

      • jbsibley

        Oh, and I have three pit bulls/mixes and I live in NYC. Two of them were adopted when they were 12+ years old.

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  • Ruth

    “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”
    Martin Luther King Jr.

    I will never be silent while animals continue to suffer at the hands of selfish, greedy and heartless people!!

  • d

    Thank you Kate. One person on here is actually able to digest the issue and not just look at it as “they are killing animals.” Ask yourself, why would ASPCA want to kill animals? These are people who have given their lives to the better protection of animals.

    You are all uninformed.

    Jsibley, just because you adopted 2 animals doesn’t mean there are hardly any animals that are deemed un-adoptable. Also, tell me this, would you rather these dogs get stuffed into the rescues (albeit a small amount of them) that horde animals in horrible living conditions? There are better approaches than CAARA, lets be constructive.

  • jbsibley

    The ASPCA kills animals because it’s convenient for them to do so. Their adoption interest only extends to the ones it takes them the least work to adopt. That’s why they ship animals whom they consider less adoptable to NYCACC for killing.

    There are fewer than 5% of intake in high functioning shelters deemed unadoptable – mostly desperately ill and seriously behaviorally disturbed. It’s a small number.

    I’d rather that they live. The risk of hoarding is quite small; the ASPCA estimates that there are 800-2000 cases of hoarding per year in the entire United States. We’re killing tens of thousands of animals here in NYS while some people cry that they need protection from hoarders. That risk is very small while the risk of them being killed in a shelter is quite high – in NYC, about a third. The protections against hoarding in CAARA are excellent.

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