Caption Contest!

We all know how Hizzoner Mayor Bloomberg of NYC really feels about animals, and especially cats. How would you caption this picture of El Bloombito layin’ the love on a feline in an evacuation shelter?

I like you. I will eat you last.

Thanks to YesBiscuit! for the image.

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  • Ah, my old arch enemy Senior Don Gato, we meet again – this time in front of cameras. Next time, you may not be so fortuna.

  • *senior, senor – whatevs

  • jbsibley

    I left my dipping sauce in my other limo.

  • Sandi Landau

    ‘hmmm…wonder how many it’d take to make a coat…great tax revenue source for nyc! and since we have sooooo many, let’s put ’em to good use!’